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Colored roses package for mom!

Spring has blossomed with all its wonderful colors and scents that reminds us that in just over a month there will be Mother's Day.
So I thought I'd start looking for some nice ideas for an original and elegant packaging for this day.
Staying on the theme of spring, today I am talking about a quick and simple "floral" packaging: the package with colored roses.

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What you need to have:
colored cardboardhot gluewhite paperstringCDscissors
With the CD and the pencil draw a circle on the colored cardboard that you have chosen to make the roses.Cut out the circle with scissors.Obtain a spiral from this circle (see photo).Begin to roll up the spiral starting from the external tip. Roll up to get a little rose.With hot glue, close the base of the rose with the central tip of the spiral.With the green cards cut out leaves.Depending on the size of the package to be manufactured, evaluate the number of roses to be created. Then wr…

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Pacchetto roselline per la mamma!

A picture with daddy!

Una foto con papà

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