Santa treats holder

Some call him Santa Claus and the tradition that concerns him is very old and widespread both in Italy and abroad. Children from all over the world await his passage with trepidation and hoping to receive some gifts and on the evening of December 12th prepare a plate of biscuits with a glass of wine or milk for Santa and carrots for reindeer. Then they go to sleep waiting for the night to bring them many gifts.
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So today I show you a gift idea that children can make for dear Santa, but in reality it could also be a nice present for adults who love Christmas and cookies!

Today's tutorial will show you how to make the cookie container, but if you want to cook Christmas cookies yourself, here's a hint (recipe).

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What you need to have:


  1. First, start wrapping the jar with the red yarn. Start at the base with a hot glue dot and continue to the top edge. Always with a glue stitch, stop the yarn. (photo 1)
  2. From the end point with the red yarn, start with the white yarn and cover the entire edge of the vase. (photo 2)
  3. Now you can attach the two buttons with hot glue (photo 3)

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The jar is completed and you can fill it with the biscuits wrapped in transparent paper and closed with a nice colored ribbon. I find it an extremely cute and original idea!


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