Hello everyone!

New post dedicated to special, original and super funny packaging!
Today I show you how to make the Tie gift box!This packaging is perfect for boy's gifts, especially the most elegant as the tie is the protagonist of this tutorial!

Found on papercrave.com
Found on papercrave.com

What you need:
  • a printer
  • cardstock for the box and tie (different color/pattern)
  • scissors
  • a pen or pencil
  • glue 
  1. Print the box template onto a card stock (choose the color you prefer)
  2. Cut along the solid lines and read the template file to understand how to assemle the box.
  3. Place the gift in the box and use glue to close the flap.
  4. Print the bowtie or the necktie templates and use it as a model to trace the shape on a colored cardboard
  5. Cut the tie and attach it to the box using glue.
  6. If you chose to attach a bowtie, remember to attach also small dots under it (like in picture)

The template I found on the web is very useful and easy to understand, so I hope you can create these boxes very easily!

Let me know if you tried to do it!


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