Wedding favors: lavander spray water!

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New post dedicated to gift ideas for special occasions, today I'm talking about wedding favors!

I am not married, but if one day I should marry, I would like to thank the guests giving a favor handmade and useful. I've never liked classic wedding favors and, in general, everything about ornaments, frames or home decorations has never fascinated me. So I did some research and I found this pretty and very simple idea: lavander spray water!
Found on ilcalderonealchemico

Of course you can customize the spray water in different variations, but if you have to prepare a little and work quickly, I recommend choosing a single fragrance.

I chose the lavender version, now I'll explain how to prepare it!


What you need:


  1. Pour the various ingredients into the spray bottle and shake it to mix everything well.
  2. Apply on the bottle the label with the names of the couple and a message of thanks.
For those who do not know the lavender  has different symbolic meanings including that of "washing" away the negativity, the bad thoughts and attract serenity, a very nice message of best wishes to celebrate an important day like marriage!
The spray water of which I spoke to you today, as well as being an original wedding favor is also very useful especially during a full day like a wedding: it could be used by the guests to cool off and recover after a busy reception!
Moreover, this water has beneficial properties for the skin, aloe soothes and moisturizes, glycerin is emollient, the essential oil of palmarosa is disinfectant and antibacterial while the lavender has an excellent healing power and for those who participate in a wedding in the summer, listen, listen, it's great against annoying mosquitoes and gnats!
I hope you enjoyed this gift idea! Let me know in the comments if you have chosen to use it as a wedding favor!


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