Give a hair mask "no more straw"!

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Lately I have been very interested in homemade cosmetics and I must say that the recipes are not as difficult as you might think! But today I tried something more complicated to prepare but it is also more professional, infact I speak of a wellness gift idea hair care that contains many ingredients but if you follow the steps well, you will see that nothing is impossible!

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The gift idea of today is a very moisturizing mask for hair to give to friends who unfortunately have the "STRAW" effect on their head. Some time ago I had already talked about a solution for frizzy hair and in that case the mask was to be donated as soon as it was made of only organic ingredients, instead the mask of today contains Cosgard that guarantees a longer product life.





  1. In a bowl blend the distilled water with the lectin. (PHASE A)
  2. In another bowl weigh the fats of PHASE B.
  3. Dissolve the PHASE A in a water bath and in another water bath the PHASE B.
  4. When both compounds are well dissolved, slowly pour the PHASE B into PHASE A by blending to obtain an emulsion.
  5. Then continue to mix with a spoon until the mixture is at room temperature. At this point add the PHASE C.
  6. Check the pH with litmus paper and lower it to 5.5 using lactic acid.
  7. Pack the mask inside a cosmetic jar and apply a label with the ingredients and the way of use.
            What are the beneficial properties of this mask "never more straw"?
            First of all, the butters and oils of this recipe are highly moisturizing, disentangling and give shine, as well as giving a fantastic scent is rich in vitamins, while the ingredients of phase C are all excellent for the regeneration of skin and hair!

            I know it seems very difficult to prepare it, but in reality it is simpler than you think. There are a lot of ingredients but as you have seen they are easily available even on the internet!

            I hope you enjoyed this gift idea, let me know if you tried to give it away and if your friends appreciated the result!


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