Party favor Dalia

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New post dedicated to gifts for special occasions, today I talk about how to prepare a party favor Dalia!

Found on
It is very easy to prepare them and the result is elegant and very cute!

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What you need:

  1. Download the model of the Dalia flower
  2. Cut out the model with the scissors along the outer contours
  3. Place the model on 2 or 3 sheets of tissue paper and trace the outline. Then cut the flowers.
  4. Overlap the flowers so that the tips do not match perfectly but are all clearly visible.
  5. Wrap confetti with another piece of tissue paper forming a ball.
  6. Place them in the center of the flower and close the bag using a string.
  7. Put around the string the satin ribbon and then apply a note a label with a message of thanks.
I hope you liked this idea, let me know if you tried to do it!


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