Perfume for Women's Day!

Hello everyone! 

Soon there will be the Women's Day and for those who like me don't like cut flowers there is still a solution! The flower mimosa is known to be the symbol par excellence of 8 March and its scent is definitely inebriating and unmistakable! So I thought it would be nice to be able to customize a travel perfume for every woman and add the fragrance of this wonderful flower!

The version I found on internet doesn't specify the use of flower mimosa, but I decided to modify the recipe a little to adapt it to this important day!

Some time ago I showed you how to make a solid perfume, but today I show you how to make a traveling perfume and stick version!


What you need:
for 1 stick

  1. Using a pipette, pour all the ingredients into the bottle after you have removed the cap. If you have chosen to add even some dried flowers make sure they are not too many.
  2. Close the bottle and shake it for a few seconds to mix everything.
Here is the traveling perfume with an intense aroma of flowers and especially mimosa! In addition to being particularly fragrant, the oils contained in this special gift also have benefits on the body, in fact all three are excellent against stress and anxiety as they have soothing properties.

I hope you enjoyed this gift idea, let me know if you tried to do it!


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