Golden Christmas balls

Lacquered, satin, with glitter, fabric, glass, in short, there are many types of balls for the Christmas tree and, in any case, they are all essential to create, along with the lights, a luminous and festive tree!
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I don't know about you, but I personally prefer to use monochromatic decorations, or at least do not mix warm colors with cold colors, but when I saw these golden Christmas balls, I thought it was a very nice pairing!

These are colored balls with shades of light blue and then further decorated with golden leaves to give an extra touch!

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What you need to have:

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  1. Wear latex gloves so as not to get your hands dirty and pour some tempera into a ball after removing the cap to insert the ribbon.
  2. Rotate the ball to slide the tempera inside to cover the entire internal surface. Start with little tempera, in case it is not enough you can always add a little. Let it dry for good.
  3. Then with a brush and the liquid adhesive, cover the lower half of the ball and then apply a piece of golden leaf over it. Continue with the brush to make the leaf adhere better. Do not worry if the effect is not homogeneous, that's the beauty of the decoration!
  4. After allowing everything to dry, you can reposition the cap on top of the ball. In case you want the cap to be golden, you are always in time to "spray" them with a gold acrylic!
  5. At this point you just have to pass a piece of golden ribbon inside the capand close it with a knot!
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The result is truly magical!

Obviously you can have fun with the colors you prefer depending on the person you're going to give the Christmas ball!

I hope you enjoyed this gift idea, let me know if you tried to make it!


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