A special vase for mom!

Mother's Day is coming and so today I want to show you a very nice gift idea that is so simple that it can be made even by your children!

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It is a very special vase of flowers, entirely made with colored cards and dedicated to mom!

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Making it is very simple, just follow all the steps, choose the mother's favorite color to make the flowers and you're done!


What you need to have:

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  1. Fold the brown card in half. On the brown cardboard, draw with a felt-tip pen and ruler the shape of a vase holding the part of the folded and closed card as a base. Cut out the vase leaving the part of the base together.
  2. On the colored card (the one for flowers) obtain 9 drops with the marker and cut them out.
  3. On the white sheet draw a rectangle and write the message of good wishes for the mother inside. Then glue the rectangle to the front of the vase.
  4. With the sheet puncher, make two holes on the side of the upper part of the vase (see photo).
  5. Take two drops and fold them in half and then glue them over another drop, always keeping the tips up (see photo). Repeat the operation creating a total of 3 flowers.
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    From the green cardboard cut the stems of the flowers (cut 3) and glue them behind the three flowers.
  7. Open the jar and glue the three flowers in the inner part so that they can be seen closing the jar.
  8. Before closing the vase with a pen write another special message for the mother.
  9. Close the jar and pass a ribbon through the holes you have previously obtained. After that, make a nice bow on the front of the vase.
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And that's it! A beautiful jar made with very few materials and that keeps inside a sweet message for the mother!

    I hope you enjoyed this gift idea, let me know if you tried to make it!


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