Recicled cutlery holder

Today it goes like this, in the name of recycling and zero waste, I want to talk about this gift idea very useful and really simple to make for your friends, for your mother or why not, even for yourself!

Found on (click here)

It is a handmade cutlery holder made from simple tin cans.

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In addition to being very useful, this cutlery holder also has a vintage touch in color and materials, which is very important to give an original touch to the home.


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What you need to have:

  1. First, paint the jars and the pine slab using spray paint. Allow to dry well.
  2. Once dry, you can fix the 6 jars to the wooden plate with the screws and the drill. Do the same thing to fix the leather handle.
  3. If you want you can also add a label on each jar to indicate which cutlery to put in the container.

And that's it, in no time you will have created a creative cutlery holder!
I hope you enjoyed this gift idea, let me know if you tried to make it!


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