Fruit doormat!

Hello everyone! 

After a short break, I return to talk to you about some original gift ideas for the summer!
In fact, today I show you how to make a fruity and very summery doormat! Colorful, lively and decidedly original, this doormat is the perfect gift for friends who want to give a more cheerful touch at the entrance of the house!

If you have friends who are passionate about TV series, well then you can try to make this doormat (click here)!



What you need:
  • Doormats semicircle
  • Acrylic spray colors (yellow, white, red, green)
  • Black acrylic tempera
  • Brush
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil



  1. With the pencil go to draw the outline of the doormat on a sheet of paper. Cut it out and then place it on the doormat.
  2. To make the edge of the peel, move the stencil on the mat leaving about 4 cm from the top edge. Once you have the edge you want, fix the stencil with adhesive tape or pebbles and spray green with the entire edge. Allow to dry
  3. Proceed in the same way to create the white border, cover the first green border to not overlap the colors. The white border should be about 2cm. Spray with white color and allow to dry.
  4. Cover the two edges with a cloth and proceed with the red color on the rest of the doormat. Allow to dry.
  5. With the black paint and the brush go to create the small seeds on the doormat. Allow to dry.



  1. With the color go yellow spray all the doormat. Allow to dry.
  2. With the pencil go to draw on the paper triangles with rounded tips to create the "segments" .Ritagliarli and put them on the mat. Then cover the upper edge to leave the edge about 4 cm. Spray with white color in the empty spaces. Allow to dry completely.

And here it is done! Two colorful, fruity and super-summer doormats!
Let me know if you have tried to make them!


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