4 greeting cards with Christmas tree

Since lately I focused on gift ideas, today I want to talk a bit 'of packages and greeting cards as important as the gift itself.

I usually always keep greeting cards, of any kind, just because they are linked to a memory, so for me it is VERY important to take care of the decoration and the message of the cards.

Found on www.bloglovin.com and www.lefrufru.com

Today I decided to tell you about 4 ways to decorate a greeting card with the Christmas tree!

All four of the cards are very simple to make, nothing expensive and really cute!


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What you need to have:

  1. Fold the card or the sheet in half from the shorter side.
  2. Cut a strip of 10cm long gold tape with scissors and stick it in the lower part of the card leaving at least 2cm from the bottom.
  3. Then cut a strip of 9 cm long black tape and stick it over the first strip.
  4. Continue in this way by always climbing 1 cm in length between one strip and another until you reach the top of the tree with a strip of 2 cm.
  5. Then stick the golden star on the top.

What you need to have:
  • Raw cardboard
  • White sheets of paper
  • Pink card
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

  1. Fold the cardboard in half, from the short side.
  2. From the sheets of white paper draw 5 squares cutting them with scissors. The first 15x15cm, the second 10x10cm, the third 7x7cm, the fourth 5x5cm and the last 3x3cm.
  3. Fold each square into two to form a rectangle.
  4. Putting the base of the "open" rectangle down, bend the two upper corners again to form two small triangles. Do this for all the rectangles.
  5. Glue on the cardboard at the bottom, the larger folded rectangle, and continue to glue the others until you get to the smallest.
  6. Draw a star from the pink card with scissors. Glue it to the top of the tree.

What do you need to have:

  1. Fold the card in half on the short side.
  2. With the scissors cut the first straw making a 12cm long piece
  3. Glue the first straw into the bottom of the ticket using hot glue.
  4. cut the other straws always climbing 1 cm from each other. Then glue them on the ticket until you get to the shorter piece of about 2cm.
  5. On the tip stick the star sticker.

What do you need to have:

  • Wooden sticks
  • Hot glue
  • Sprig of fir
  • White card 10cmx15cm
  • String

  1. Cut the wooden sticks into pieces of 7cm-6cm-5cm-4cm-3cm (x 3 pcs.) And 2cm
  2. Glue them with hot glue on the white cardboard as shown in the photo.
  3. Helping you with the string, add the cardboard to the sprig of fir. 

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Have you seen how simple they are ?! My favorite is definitely the small tree with straws, very elegant and original at the same time!
After finishing the job it will be enough just to write a nice message of good wishes!


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