Halloween candy box!

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Just a few days to Halloween that officially will be celebrated on October 31, but in many parts of the world are already showing off the theme costumes, that's why, with a little 'advance, I wanted to offer you this new category of gifts to create: Halloween gifts!

Usually during this party we exchange sweets of all kinds, but it is also very usual to have themed parties at home to invite friends and reward at the end of the day the best Halloween-themed costume. And what better way is there to create a "night of the living dead" prize with their own hands? Well today I show you a very simple realization of a gift that you can give to the winner of your "monstrous" party: the Halloween candy box!

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What do you need to have:

  1. Paint with the brush and the chosen color all the surface of the candy box including the lid. Allow to dry good.
  2. Paint plastic insects of the same color. Allow to dry good.
  3. Once dry for good, glue the plastic insects on the surface of the candy box with hot glue. Allow to dry good.
  4. Fill the container with the candy and sweets you like!

And here it is done! Very simple, right? And it's also a great idea to decorate your home during the party!


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