DIY gift paper (with trees)

You are probably wondering why you should create a gift card by hand, use time and materials and then not be able to reuse it.
It 's certainly a fair consideration, except that Veronica has also thought for you about how not to make this DIY a costly and not environmentally friendly method.
Now I'll explain it better.

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How many times have you bought those rolls of gift paper and then threw away small pieces or strips of paper that you could not reuse? It happened to me very often and so I started thinking of an alternative method that would allow me to calculate more precisely how much paper actually needs.
So I thought to create the gift paper by myself and to photocopy the pieces from time to time that I would need in the chosen sizes.

Today I show you how to make the gift paper with trees using only white paper, black tempera and a potato!

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What you need to have:
  • a potato 
  • black tempera
  • brush
  • plastic saucer
  • knife
  • white paper (the size you prefer and supported by your printer)
  • printer
  • string
  • twigs of different plants (fake or real)
  • decorations for gift packages (little bells, sticky bows ...)


  1. To create the stencil you have to cut the potato in half and cut it into the shape of a small tree with the knife (see photo). Then remove the parts around the carving to leave the tree in relief.
  2. Pour a little black tempera into a plastic saucer and take some of it with the brush. Then go to paint the raised part of the stencil.
  3. At this point you can take the paper and go to decorate it with the stencil you have just dipped. Choose the size of the sheet you prefer (depending on the size of the package to be wrapped). Make lots of little trees by distancing them a bit from each other.
  4. Let the tempera dry well and then you can go to photocopy the sheet to recreate other sheets!
  5. Depending on the printer you have you can print small or large sheets depending on the size of the gift bag.

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Well! Now that you have created the gift paper we can move on to creating very simple and fast packages.
You can make packages decorating them with string and a sprig of fir or fern (or other types); or you can tie a little bell, or stick a nice little sticker on it!

In any case, the final result, as you can see, is really delicate and very chic!


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