Advent calendar DIY

It's time to start the Christmas countdown because we're here, December is coming and how is it better to welcome him if not preparing a nice Advent calendar?
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It may seem a huge job make this calendar, in reality it is not, so I invite you to continue reading just to be convinced!

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In addition to being a very original creation, it is also a lot of fun to be able to give away an Advent calendar that contains gifts created by you! The idea that I promote is to create everything, including surprises, with your little hands, but obviously for those who did not have the way or the time to do it, for this time, let's close an eye eheheh!


What you need:

If you want to create the frame support too:

If you want to create only the packages and you already have the frame:

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  1. First, if you have not found it ready, you'll have to create the frame by fixing the wires with the hooks to hang the packages by spacing each wire from the other so you can hang the packages without problems.
  2. Then create the bags by filling them with the surprises you have chosen and closing them by applying the sticker. One number per package.
  3. Then apply a colored ribbon on the upper part of each bag.
  4. Hang each bag with a clothespin on the wire, you choose whether to go in order with the numbers or at random.

The nice thing about this Advent calendar is that once you give it away, the person will be left with the whole frame with the packages to be filled again! I find it a really nice idea!
And do you like it? Let me know in the comments below!


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