Elegant cake stand - recycled idea

Today I show you a gift idea of ​​recycling, one of my favorite categories, and yes because not only is it about creating something with our little hands, but also about using recycled objects to give them new life!

Specifically, today I want to show you how to make an elegant and colorful Cakes stand using dishes we don't use anymore!

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What you need to have:

  • white or colored recycle plates of three different sizes
  • two possibly transparent candlesticks
  • Patafix or similar


In the photo they can see the very simple steps to recreate this beautiful cake stand, remember that the largest dish must be without a candlestick as it will act as the base for the entire riser and if you want you can use the dishes separately!

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And here the creation is finished, very fast to realize and very original!

You can give it to friends or relatives who like to entertain their guests with lunches, dinners and aperitifs, in fact this backsplash can be used to serve fresh cupcakes for the summer, or mini cocktails as a happy hour!

I hope you enjoyed this gift idea, let me know if you tried to make it.


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